How are we expected to understand our clients if we don’t even understand ourselves?

As creators, we’re often taught to narrow down our niche, to empathise with customer pain points, to raise our prices without feeling guilty. But that’s difficult if we haven’t taken the time to define ourselves.

When we have a clear sense of who we are and what we stand for, we develop self-belief, gain clarity in direction and begin appreciating what makes us different. We begin to acknowledge just how valuable we are.


Find the words that best articulate what you do and why you do it

Make a memorable impact with your first impression. Attract more of the right type of clients and the right type of work.


Find your creative identity in an interactive 5-week program

Session 1.1
Answer the question "What do you do?"
Session 1.2
Make deeper connections
Session 2.1
Find your communication style
Session 2.2
Communicate more effectively
Session 3.1
Coping when you're overwhelmed
Session 3.2
Build your support network
Session 4.1
Define your labels, don't let them define you
Session 4.2
Set clear goals
Final Project
Relaunch yourself

Your class schedule

The next Cohort is a 5-week program beginning September, 2021 with two live sessions run each week. You will also schedule your own group study session with your Cohort team and one-on-one sessions with your mentors.


Live Class
11:30am - 12:30pm AEST




Live Class
11:30am - 12:30pm AEST



Live Class
11:00am - 12:30pm AEST






Live Class
11:00am - 12:30pm AEST


Meet your mentors:
Nick & Francis

Nick and Francis have built multiple creative businesses from the ground up. They've done all the failing for you, learnt the lessons, and can help you navigate a few of the bigger steps needed to turn your passion into your profession.

They've worked with hundreds of clients providing visual design, video production, digital, brand and business strategy over a span of 20 years. Between them they've won awards and worked with clients like the NBA, AFL, NAB, ThoughtWorks, Oxfam, Myer and a whole bunch of creatives just like you.

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Become more influencial with considered communication

Build stronger and more equitable client relationships. Grow your business through human skills, not just hard skills.


Get support from a global
community of creators

Access to
creative experts

Rub shoulders with experienced creatives. Get help with your craft and your business.

Access to a
global network

Meet a global group of keen collaborators. Stay inspired, motivated and on trend by connecting with your clan.

Access to
online workshops

Learn new skills and have purposeful discussions with like minded creatives who are happy to share their secrets.

Apply to join the next Cohort

Next Cohort begins in September, 2021


$1,499 AUD

Join a class of 15 creatives

Access to Cohort program

15+ hours of content

Access Framework community

Weekly classes

1-on-1 mentoring


"Being among a small group allowed for meaningful development of our ideas. The mentoring was reassuring and motivating, helping me articulate my journey."


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Cohort?

The next Cohort starts late in 2021. Join up to the waitlist and we will be sure to give you plenty of notice when the next start date is approaching.

How much does Cohort cost?

The early bird cost of Cohort is $1,499 AUD for the full course, inclusive of all content, group sessions and mentoring sessions. But get in quick by signing up to the waitlist, spots are limited and the price will soon revert to its regular $1,699 AUD!

Does it matter what time zone I'm in?

No. Cohort is run fully online with allowances made for creatives from every corner of the world.

How much time do I need to commit?

Cohort runs for 5 weeks. Each week you will be expected to focus on Cohort for up to 10 hours. That time is split between learning sessions, group discussions, and a bit of homework.

Do I need to be an experienced creative?

Cohort is a course for creative professionals of any level. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out, or if you are a senior creative looking to find some clarity in their career.